6-9 February 2014
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
Auto Expo 2016 - Components

List of Exhibitors - Auto Expo 2016 Components

Company NameCountryWebsiteProducts
ABHIRASHI IMPEX India www.alfainst.com Instrument Clusters; Fuel Senders; Speedometers; Canbus Products; Warning Systems; Mechanical Tempertaure And Pressure Gauges; Electrical Gauges; Tachograph Related
3D STYLING India 3D Car Mats, 4D Car Mats, 5D Car Mats, Car Seat Covers;
A R AUTO ACCESSORIES India www.smokecardecor.com Car Arm Rest; Arm Rest With Mobile Holder; Car Neck Cushion Pillow; Car Cushion; Belt Cushion Cover; Back Support Cushion; Car Seat Push Covers
A RAYMOND FASTENERS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED India www.araymond-automotive.com Connecting Products - Quick Connectors; Bonding Products; Clipping Products - Fasteners
A2MAC1 AUTOMOTIVE BENCHMARKING, LLC United States http://www.a2mac1.com/ Benchmarking Services For Most Automotive Oems As Well As Major Tier 1
AADYA CONSULTANCY SERVICES India www.acsexperts.com Automobile Transmissions
ABILITIES INDIA PISTONS & RINGS LTD. India www.aippistons.com Pistons, Piston Rings, Aluminium Pressure Die Cast Machined Parts;
ACEWELL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. China Taiwan www.acewell-meter.com Speedometers For ATV, Motorcycle, Scooter, And E-Vehicle; Voltmeter
ACME UDYOG India www.acmeudyog.com Tie Rod Ends; Spindles; Top Link Assemblies; Levelling Box Assemblies; forging & Casting Items
ACTECH GMBH Germany www.actech.de Prototype Casting And Machining; Small Batch Casting And Machining
ADHUNIK SALES India www.adhuniksales.com Tractor Parts; Hydraulic Pump & Lift Parts; Transmission Gears; Tie Rod Ends; Linkage Parts; Fasteners; Electrical Switches; Head Lamps & Tail Lamps; Tractormeters & Gauges; Instrument Clusters; Wheel Rims; Front & Rear Axle Parts; Engine Parts( Connecting Rods , Engine Valves , Pistons , Liners , Guides ); Cylinder Head; Crankshafts; Flywheel Assembly; Fuel Pump; Gaskets; Oil Pumps; Water Pump; Bearings; Alternator; Starter Motor; Armature; Spark Plug
ADICO SPARES PVT. LTD. India http://www.adicogroup.com/domestic Engine Parts · Crankshafts · Connecting Rods · Camshafts · Cylinder Liners · Pistons · Oil
ADMACH AUTO INDIA LIMITED India www.admachauto.com Drum Back Plate,Back Plate For Pv,Cv&2W, Lined Brake Shoe, Fab Brake Shoe, Shim,Hbl,Push Rod,Web,Rim
ADVANCE FORGINGS PVT. LTD. India www.advanceforgings.com Forgings; Machined Forgings; Sheet Metal
AEROL FORMULATIONS P. LTD India www.aerol.in Aerosols for Cleaning; Aerosols for Lubrication; Aerosols for Treating/Coating; Deodorizing/ Air Freshening Preparations; Speciality Lubricants; Silicone Sealants; Silicone Based Preparations; Polishes & Cleaning Preparations; Fuel Additives
AGRA ENGINEERING CO. India www.agraeng.com Pistons,Connecting Rods,Cylinder Liners,Sleeves,Valves,Valve Guide,Water Pumps, Forgings, Castings
AICELLO INDIA PVT LTD India www.aicello.com Vci Films; Vci Rolls; Vci Bags; Boselon Grade Vci Product Range
AIN GLOBAL FOUNDATION Korea www.koaashow.com Trade Association/Organization
AISIN GROUP Japan http://www.aisin.com Catalytic Converter; Transmission Gears, Transmission Shafts, Transmission Parts; Disc Brakes & Components; Master Cylinder & Repair Kits; Door Guides/Door Handles, Door Panels, Door Trim
AJAY MANUFACTURING CO. India www.ajayind.com Spanners; Automobile Tools; Plumbing Tools; Pliers & Pincers; Woodworking Tools; Vices
AJIT INDUSTRIES PVT LTD. India www.ajitindustries.com Various Types of Self Adhesive Tapes; Auto Car Care Products
AKAL SPRING LIMITED, India www.akalspring.com Automotive Leaf Springs;
AKAR TOOLS LIMITED India www.akartoolsltd.com Leaf Spring ( Parabolic / Conevntional / Z Type Spring ); Automotive forged & Machined Components; Hand Tools; Mfg of All Types of Alloy Steel ( Round, Square & Flat Bar )
AKITA FINE BLANKING CORPORATION Japan http://www.akitafb.co.jp/ Door Locks/Locking Systems
ALASKA EXPORTS India www.alaskaexportsindia.com Auto and Agri Parts
ALF ENGINEERING PVT LTD India www.alfengineering.com Chassis,Suspension,Hydroformed Parts,Biw Parts
ALFA FLEXITUBES (P) LTD India www.alfa-flexitubes.com Interlock Exhaust Tubes; E.G.R Tubes; Exhaust System Assemblies; Bellow And Expansion Joints; Exhaust Flex Pipe; Stainless Steel Thin Wall Tubes; Exhaust Accessories; Exhaust Hangers; Gaskits; Clamps
ALICON CASTALLOY LTD India www.alicongroup.co.in Aluminium Castings;
ALKON PLASTICS PVT.LTD. India www.alkonplastics.com Material Handling Plastic Crates For Automobile Parts
ALKRAFT THERMOTECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED India Oil Coolers; Radiators, Radiator Grills & Radiator Pins
ALLENA AUTO INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. India www.allenaautoindustries.com,www.allenaauto.com,ww Water Pump Assly.; Oil Filter Assly.; Oil Pump Assly.; Vacuum Pump Assly.; Various Types of Pulleys; Water Seperator; Brackets; Elements and Other Auto Products
ALLIED TRANSMISSION AND GEARS (P) LTD. India Transmission Gears And Shafts; Differential Bevels, Spiders, Assembly; Synchronizer Sleeve; Synchronizer Ring; Synchronizer Cone
ALP GROUP India www.alpgroup.in Epdm/Pvc/Tpe/Tpr/Extruded Profiles,Moulded Parts&Weather Strips,Automobile Accessoriesand Wide Rang/; Wide Range Of Mats Epdm/Nitrile Insulations, Acoustics And Waterproofing Products And Accessories
ALPHA FOAM LTD. India www.alphafoam.co.in Vacuum Form Plastic Parts; Seat Assembly For Commercial Vehicles; Blow Molded Components
ALT(JIANGSU) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD China www.autotensioner.com Transmission Gears, Transmission Shafts, Transmission Parts
ALWAYS DRY INDIA India www.alwaysdry.co.in 9H Ldc; 9H Ldc Pro; Vision Tech; Perma Shine; Dash Protech; Wheel Protech
AMALGAMATIONS GROUP India Auto Compoents, Diesel Engines;
AMALGAMATIONS REPCO LIMITED India www.amrep.in Automotive and Tractor Clutch; Clutch Cover Assemblies; Clutch Driven Plates; Flywheel Starter Ring Gears; Kits and Components
AMARDEEP AUTO ENTERPRISES India www.insatstarters.com Self Starter Drive Assembly for 4 Wheeles 3 Wheelers , CNC Turned Components, Cold forged Components;
AMAZON SELLER SERVICES PVT LTD India Accessories For Two/Three Wheelers; Air Filters & Cartridges; Automotive Electronic & Electric Section; Body Section; Axle Shafts, Rear, Axel Front Stud/Bar, Axle Assemblies, Axle Studs; Bevel Gears / Pinions; Clutch Assembly, Clutch Discs/Plates, Clutch Components, Clutch Facings; Air Brakes; Air Suspension Systems; Brake Assembly – Handbrake,Parking Brake Lever; Brake Assembly - Hydraulics
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